Consumer Arbor Overview


Problems relating to consumer issues are a common experience for everyone, yet surprisingly few of us are prepared to do anything to correct the majority of consumer difficulties we encounter in our lives every day.

This section attempts to assist you to deal effectively with commonly occurring situations, that impede your rights as a consumer. In this section of the Law Guide, to help you enforce your rights, you will be provided information on consumer protection, and links that access documents and
form letters that may be helpful to you.

Rules of Preventive Maintenance in Arbors:

  • Get It in Writing
  • Read the Writing
  • List all complaints in writing
  • When you don’t get a response, follow up in writing
  • Act promptly, or risk losing your rights.
  • Respond promptly, or risk losing your rights
  • If you telephone:
  • Make a note before hand of what you want to say;
  • Have receipts and any other documents handy;
  • Get the name of the person you speak to;
  • Write down the date and time and what is said;
  • Follow up your call with a letter, particularly if your concern is a serious one.
  • If you put it in writing:
  • Describe the item or service;
  • Say where and when you bought the item or when the service was done, and how much it cost;
  • Explain what is wrong, any action you have already taken, to whom you spoke and what happened;
  • Say what you have done to remedy the situation – for example, a refund or repair, or the job done again without charge;
  • Consider using registered mail so that you can easily check whether your letter has been delivered;
  • Keep copies of any letters you send. Do not send original documents, such as receipts and guarantees – send copies instead.